Focus on likability, stop chasing popularity.

Likeability is one of man’s super-powers that has not been really utilised. In a time that focusses all the more on superficial popularity, we have everything to gain from awakening that power within us.

Research has clearly shown that likeability has major positive effects on many areas of our life. Based on authenticity, positiveness and relevance, it increases our wellbeing, improves our health and our relationships and often leads to greater success, including in our work life. 

So, what must we do to find our way back, and strengthen our likeableness? The answer, paradoxically, is: not very much. Because to develop our likeableness, we actually need to do less and be more. In Liked, you will find the answer to how you can achieve this.

Lars-Johan Åge is one of the leading researchers in the field of negotiation. He has analysed international top negotiators in hostage situations, business and diplomacy – people who know how to make use of the power of likeableness. With his deep knowledge and experience of these topics, he has now written the first handbook on how we can achieve likeableness. 

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