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How can you make it easier to reach agreement with others – in a way that leaves everyone satisfied?

With his five-step model, negotiation expert Lars-Johan Åge presents a unique and effective way of gaining a favourable response for your thoughts and opinions, increasing your quality of life and achieving success. Where the old Win-Win approach maximises gain and profit on every occasion, Happy-Happy looks to the future and a continued good relationship. Which is exactly what it often looks like in real life. With these five, proven steps based on research findings, you will learn how the right approach and well-chosen words will help you to reach agreement with even the most stubborn counterparts.

You will both win with Happy-Happy!

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Being able to cooperate and find a joint path forward is the greatest factor for success in the history of mankind. It is just as decisive and relevant for organisations today. We call it ‘reaching agreement’. When you reach agreement you effectively create value for all those concerned and strengthen relationships inside as well as outside the organisation. Similarly, the costs for not reaching agreement in your own organisation, in your team or with clients, are gigantic – in the form of less pleasantness, increased stress, weaker efforts, poorer results and missed opportunities.

The art of reaching agreement provides the keys to successful communication. Regardless of whether it concerns the relationship boss-employee, salesman-customer, or between colleagues, the secret for how to reach agreement and achieve a successful solution is the same. 

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Lars-Johan Åge is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of negotiation, and he has not only found the factors for success to reach agreement with just about anybody, he can also convey them in a way that makes a difference in people’s lives. Their professional life as well as their private life.

Lars-Johan Åge is a professor, with a Ph.D in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics, and has studied negotiation at Harvard Law School. He has worked with the FBI’s hostage negotiators and the Swedish police tactical unit, the National Task Force. He has also analysed patterns of the world’s best negotiators in hostage situations, business and diplomacy. Now he is making these success factors accessible to a broader public.

You can contact Lars-Johan at info@larsjohanage.com.