When you reach agreement you effectively create value for all those concerned and strengthen relationships inside as well as outside the organisation. Similarly, the costs for not reaching agreement in your own organisation, in your team or with clients, are gigantic – in the form of less pleasantness, increased stress, weaker efforts, poorer results and missed opportunities.

The Speech

The art of reaching agreement provides the keys to successful communication. Regardless of whether it concerns the relationship boss-employee, salesman-customer, or between colleagues, the secret for how to reach agreement and achieve a successful solution is the same.

The lecture is based on research and scientific experiments in Psychology, the Behavioural Sciences and Economics, and is illustrated with examples that everyone in the business world can relate to and which create:

Better Cooperation Internally

The costs for not reaching agreement in your own organisation or in your team, can be gigantic in the form of missed opportunities, less pleasantness and a poorer exchange of the organisation’s ideas.

Greater Innovative Power

Maximising your innovative power means that people with different perspectives and different agendas can still meet and find joint paths forward.

Increased Value

Maximum value creation necessitates cooperation with customers, colleagues and in networks, and here too the aim is Happy-Happy!

Fewer Missed Opportunities

Research shows that even experienced negotiators often ‘leave money behind on the table’ without even realising that they have missed valuable opportunities.

More Effective Leadership

To lead others successfully, it is necessary to reach agreement even with those who have other perspectives and agendas. This applies to boss-boss as well as boss-member of staff.

Lars-Johan Åge has lectured internationally and also been nominated as Speaker of the Year in Sweden.